Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My International Examination, My Score.

How are you guys? Today I feel really fine and absolutely happy! I am gonna tell you why.

My university, which is London School of Public Relations has this big exam for the 2nd year students called the City&Guilds examination. It is an all English test and it is coming from Cambridge University, because London School works with Cambridge. There are 3 levels of the exam. Based on my english scores from the first semester to the third, my university advised me to take level 2.

I was so confused because I actually felt a bit scared, I dont wanna fail the exam. What made me more scared is that the examination costs £400, and if I fail, I have to pay for the test again next year. That's a lot, seriously, for an exam that only contains 5 difficult questions. The other thing is, I really dont want to make my parents dissapointed. They forced me to take the level 2 examination because they said if I take the level 2, and pass, the certificate will be very useful for my future, for my jobs.. So finally I took it.
We've already signed up and chose what level we will take.
We can not withdraw and escape from reality in all of a sudden, so
about a month ago each and every 2nd year students of my university got real scared because of the test. But it happened, anyway. At that time, my mom had a holiday with my aunts to Malaysia, that, somehow made me more scared, just because I could not see my mom before I went to campus. But I really did my best for 2 hours and got out from the class with a big 'nervous' word written on my forehead.

A month passed...

Today, I just finished my second class and went straight to the restroom. When I got out from the restroom, I saw lots of my friends stood in front of this big announcement board in front of my class, and guess what, the score came out!! I was so afraid but curious at the same time. There, I found lots of paper and I searched for my class, done. Lots of my friends got this P for the score, I know that is a PASS. I thank God for them. A few of them showed an A, which is Absent, so they didnt come to the exam room. A few of them got an F, Failed. I got more scared, and when I found my name.... FCP.

I was like "WHAT THE HECK IS FCP?" and the one and only student who got FCP is me. I didnt know what to say, but then I started to search for the explanation, what is FCP. You wanna know what I saw?

A = Absent
F = Fail
P = Pass
FCP = First Class Pass (distinction)
My heart stopped beating for two seconds. I passed, I passed with a distinct score. I can not say anything, that really made my day. I told my parents and they said they are really proud of me. That is all I wanna hear from them, seriously. I just wanna make them happy. I am happy for myself, I feel satisfied.

Now, my only hope is to get a scholarship for my Graduate Program ;) Would you guys pray for me? But I do think if I want to extend my study for Graduate Program, I must take the level 3 of C&G exam.
The other thing was Mr. Stafford (my English for Communication II lecturer) once read my writing, and he told me that I am good enough, and I have the ability to take the level 3 of the exam. I am going to think of it :)

PS: I miss this picture of me, so I am feeling to post it again? Hahahahaha.

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jacobian said...

I never knew about this London School of Public Relations before,where it is located anyway?I think it's a bit different than most university in indonesia right?

btw what major are you taking in that school? :-)

Uitzinnig said...

bawa tasbih komat kamit baca doa, hahaha congrats be!

Felkiza Vinanda said...

congrats, shidaaa cabeee!! happy for you, wish you all the best luck x)

Karina Aussie said...

Wow congrats be, what an achievementt :D


jacobian: Mass communications


taffy: C&G is a tough one! Thanks a lot taff!!


Kiza: thankyou so much :)

Bey: Yepp, thanks a lot!