My International Examination, My Score.

How are you guys? Today I feel really fine and absolutely happy and I am gonna tell you why.

My university, which is London School of Public Relations has this big exam for the 2nd year students called the City&Guilds examination. It is an all English test and it is coming from Cambridge University, because London School works with Cambridge. There are 3 levels of the exam. Based on my english scores from the first semester to the third, my university advised me to take level 2.

I was so confused because I actually felt a bit scared, I dont wanna fail the exam. What made me more scared is that the examination costs £400, and if I fail, I have to pay for the test again next year. That's a lot, seriously, for an exam that only contains 5 difficult questions. The other thing is, I really dont want to make my parents dissapointed. They forced me to take the level 2 examination because they said if I take the level 2, and pass, the certificate will be very useful for my future, for my jobs..So finally I took it.

We've already signed up and chose what level we will take.
We can not withdraw and escape from reality in all of a sudden, so
about a month ago each and every 2nd year students of my university got real scared because of the test. But it happened, anyway. At that time, my mom had a holiday with my aunts to Malaysia, that, somehow made me more scared, just because I could not see my mom before I went to campus. But I really did my best for 2 hours and got out from the class with a big 'nervous' word written on my forehead.

A month passed...

Today, I just finished my second class and went straight to the restroom. When I got out from the restroom, I saw lots of my friends stood in front of this big announcement board in front of my class, and guess what, the score came out! I was so afraid but curious at the same time. There, I found lots of paper and I searched for my class, done. Lots of my friends got this P for the score, I know that is a PASS. I thank God for them. A few of them showed an A, which is Absent, so they didnt come to the exam room. A few of them got an F, Failed. I got more scared, and when I found my name.... FCP.

I was like "WHAT THE HECK IS FCP?" and the one and only student who got FCP is me. I didnt know what to say, but then I started to search for the explanation, what is FCP. You wanna know what I saw?

A = Absent
F = Fail
P = Pass
FCP = First Class Pass (distinction)

My heart stopped beating for two seconds. I passed, I passed with a distinct score. I can not say anything, that really made my day. I told my parents and they said they are really proud of me. That is all I wanna hear from them, seriously. I just wanna make them happy. I am happy for myself, I feel satisfied.

Now, my only hope is to get a scholarship for my Graduate Program ;) Would you guys pray for me? But I do think if I want to extend my study for Graduate Program, I must take the level 3 of C&G exam. The other thing was Mr. Stafford (my English for Communication II lecturer) once read my writing, and he told me that I am good enough, and I have the ability to take the level 3 of the exam. I am going to think of it :)