I Am Tired of Those Who Speak Too Much

Bored, is what I am feeling now. Reasons why are because I hate to do the same thing over and over again, and even worse, I hate to answer the same question everyday. It annoys me real bad. 

I can't even think of how do those people feel when they receive same answers everyday according to the questions they gave me. I have already told them to not do that, do not ask me same stuff everyday, you have already knew the answers! It's the same, what I do everyday is just the same!! And they still bug me. 

That, you can understand why I got so bored. I feel like I wanna lock myself inside my room for weeks, put away my phone, and everything. I am bored with the outside world. I am tired of those who speak too much. Who comment a lot on others. (Well, that's life, it would be even more boring when you can't talk about others), but that's it, I am not interested. I am tired.

I tried to find new stuff I could do to wash the feeling away, and I finally got back my "used-to-be-favourite-hobby", swimming. I was also recruited to become a script writer on my team's investigative program, so I hope these two could help me get rid of the bore. But still, right now, I am bored.