Hong Kong Part III

The tram from the peak was the same with the tram that goes to the peak. The only thing different is that this time the tram goes down and it's really scary, felt like I ride a roller coaster! But it's a must for you to try! I think you can also go by taxi, but tram is cooler.

After the trip to Victoria Peak and the wondrous time at Madame Tussauds, we decided to go to Causeway Bay. It's located in northern shore of HongKong Island. Causeway Bay is somehow a nostalgic place for my dad's family, coz they lived there years ago at the apartment above Daimaru. We found the apartment and took pictures in front of it but not with my camera so I cannot show you guys now, maybe later when my cousins tag me. But Daimaru has already changed into a mall named FashionWalk. Everytime we went shopping, my dad just sat at Fashion Walk's Starbucks. I think he doesnt like shopping that much? LOL.

Back to Causeway Bay, yes, like I told you, again, this area is full of shops and restaurants. I am crazy over it. But the only shop I found really suits my style is Maple and Cotton On. But Maple is seriously everywhere, at Causeway Bay, Wanchai, Granville, etc. But I think the biggest and the greatest Maple shop is the one that is placed at Johnston Road, Wanchai. Wanchai and Causeway Bay is near. 

As long as I can remember, Wanchai's MTR station is exactly next to Causeway Bay station. Only takes you 2minutes to go there from Causeway Bay. I bought lots of stuff there at Maple, I'll show you later on the next post maybe? I havent took the pictures yet. All the prices of the stuff at Maple is affordable, they're around HKG $50 - HKG $500.

At Causeway Bay you can find a restaurant named Mak's Noodle. The restaurant serves us the best wonton noodle I've ever tasted! Here are the pictures, drooling! Even Antonie Bourdain went there and said that Mak's wonton noodle is the best. You should try it! I also found the famous egg tart at Causeway Bay but it doesn't taste that good.

And for sushi lovers!! I have good news for ya, there is a sushi restaurant named Hokkaido Katsu and Sushi located at Causeway Bay! They have a special offer actually, from 2pm until 6pm you can buy Salmon sushi for only HKG $3 each!! But too bad when I arrived there the salmon has already sold out, so I ordered my other favourite, Unagi sushi and Sword Belly sushi. I ate 4 plates containing 3 sushi each. I just said OH MY GOD, that's the best Unagi and Sword Belly I've ever tasted seriously. AHHH HONGKONG IS HEAVEN!

Hokkaido sushi also has a really cute ocha glass that made me and my cousins wanna steal it so bad!! Here are the pictures, bet you wanna go to sushi restaurants now after you see them :p

I spent the whole day shopping and walking around Causeway Bay and Wanchai.. That's totally fun,  but my foot sprained and I had to stop walking that night, so we took a rest at a cute small cafe named Hui Lau. They offer us really tasty desserts. I bought Mango with Mango juice, and my mom ordered Mango with Coconut Milk if I'm not mistaken, they are so delicious! I also ordered mango mochi which is also yum!

I also went to IKEA at Causeway Bay. I always love IKEA. It is located in front of Toys R Us. And then I also went to HMV the famous music store in HongKong. My brother bought a really cool white headphones for only HKG $150. I searched for the original MEW LIVE IN COPENHAGEN dvd, but they dont have it :( I am so sad.. But I'll keep searching for it!

Anyways, for book lovers, I found a book shop named Cosmic at Causeway Bay. You can find books cheaper there than in Indonesia for sure. I also found a bookstore inside the Mira Tower at Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. It's located on the 2F floor. The bookstore is really big, and also offers you cheap price. Ok then, later in the next post I'll show you a place named Tung Chung and also Parklane. So see ya soon!