Hong Kong Part II

It's Friday and actually we have already planned to go to Disneyland, but too bad we had to cancel it because there was a thunder storm there :( I was so sad that day but finally I thought that there's a reason why we have to cancel the plan, it's because I have to go to HK again next time for Disneyland, amen! 

So after a lot of arguing, we decided to go to Victoria Peak and also hoping that the weather will be nice. And God answered our prayer, the weather was really great. It's cold but amazing. I was shocked that Victoria Peak is so high (it is the highest mountain in HK island) I was so scared because we had to use the Peak Tram to go there. It's scary, seriously, but the view.. One word, jaw-dropping! Tourists love to go here, Victoria Peak offers us the mesmerizing views over HongKong island.

Pictured above is the view from the sky terrace. What do you think? My mom said that Victoria Peak is getting much more better than years ago. She's so excited, and so do I. The mountain, the island.. Shizzin. Picture speaks a thousand words.

Have I told you? Hongkong also has The Madame Tussauds museum! My parents have already went to the museum in Amsterdam and London or NY (I think, I forgot) so it's only Shodi and I that went there. It's located inside the Peak. FYI, the tix for Madame Tussauds is $160 worth to buy!! Here, let me show you some of the pictures inside MT.

Done with Madame Tussauds pictures. My favourites are the ones with Johnny Depp and Michael Jackson. They look so damn real and I shivered after I hugged MJ, seriously. Well you guys should go there! Next post about HK will be published tomorrow.