Friday, March 12, 2010

Goldilocks and The Party Bears pt I

How are you guys doin? Hope you're doin great.

My life, so far, was great.. Well, it was a lil bit annoying for the first week of classes. New subjects, new lecturers, they just annoyed me. I dont know why.. But still, I love to go to campus ;) Dont worry. I just hate the 'NEW' thingy, but after the first week, they are all OKAY.


I got hired to be a photo model!!!
My super friend Pocchi runs a new brand named Goldilocks and The Party Bears. FYI, it's her own brand!
I was so excited til today. We have finally done the photoshoot. The dress are so cool, I cant wait for them to be released. And yes, the due date is tomorrow so you guys just have to wait.

Anyway I am planning to go to Brightspot Market tomorrow. Tell me if you are going!
See you there!!! 

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This photo I took hours after the photoshoot. Love the make up!



hey! can't wait to see how the photos turn out. :)


wait til my next post :D