Monday, August 10, 2009

Surabaya oh Surabaya

Surabaya updates :
I just realized it was really nice to have a small trip back to your past. It is also sad at the same time. But overall it was overwhelming. Fyi, I have been living in Surabaya for years, because my dad used to have a company there, so the family must follow him. Ok maybe this post will be boring to you. Read or leave if you want ;)
Day 1 :
At Soekarno – Hatta Airport, I was rotflol-ing when I saw these bands, the chang***ers and ni**i stood in front of me. You know why? They dont have such a good attitude. THEY SMOKE IN FRONT OF THE “NO SMOKING AREA” SIGN! What the fuck?! Are you crazy people? If you are all artist, doesnt mean that you can do whatever the fuck you want and dont obey the rules. OMFG I hate you all even more! 

They smoke many times, in the area where you surely are not allowed to smoke, and when there is also a smoking area inside the room. SHIT. What made it even worse, I was in the same plane with them and also sleeping in the same hotel with them, GEEZ, vomit.
Anyway, The first thing I did when I arrived in Surabaya was listening to people talking in Javanese. And then I went straight to Garden Palace hotel. After I unpacked all of my stuff, I went to my house there. It was totally empty and a little dirty. I really miss the house. My bedroom is still the same like when I left it. Pictures still stick on the wall, and there was a picture of Cantika that I got from a magazine, and I was laughing knowing that she’s now being my friend.
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After my old house nostalgia time, I went to Galaxy Mall. When I lived in Surabaya, almost everyday I went to that mall. So that’s why the people there really knows me, and I was so shocked when I had dinner at GM’s foodcourt, the SPG said “Aduh udah lama ya kak nggak kesini.. Kita masih inget loh sama kakak”.

Oyeah I also went to Supermall Pakuwon, and tried to search some of my friends that worked there at Planet Surf or Point Break, but the people there said that all of my friends were already resigned or moved to Jakarta. It was so sad but I was happy that the new people realized my face. Thankyou ;) I miss you Surabaya!
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Day 2 :
I had a total 2 hours massage, and it was guh-reat! Then I went to Tunjungan Plaza and met some of my friends, accidentally. I met Shaula, Ikank, Zulmi, Mira, Winda, Othy, Aming, Gerald, and so on and so on there are lots of them, and I think I passed Lauretha! I wanted to call her name but she didnt have bangs, and she tied her hair! Hahaha. So I cancelled my plan. But I think it’s really her! Because she was mad and asked me why i didnt tell her that i went to Surabaya ;p so sorry baby!!!!
Day 3 :
Went to Surabaya Town Square. It is a new mall, i have not been there before, and i think it’s kinda cool the place. But it is effing hot, man Surabaya is much hotter than Jakarta, so when you go to a mall that is using no air conditioner, you will sweat. Well, i sweat there. Haha, but Sutos is cool. I watched the movie ‘UP 3D’ again there, just to try it because it’s only 25.000 rupiah!!!!! So cheap. SO SO SO CHEAP.. That’s why it’s so nice to live in Surabaya, everything is CHEAP.
Last Day :
Before going to the airport I spared my time to go to my elementary – junior high school, Al – Azhar. It was a PLEASURE!! I went there and every teachers, every securities, and all the office boys said they missed me and my family. My teachers even kissed me many times. I love Al – Azhar, and will always love them til i die.
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Anyways, as i promised, i wanna give you the name of places to full your tummy, enjoy!
  • Ayam Penyet
Galaxy Mall 1 foodcourt
Pakuwon Trade Centre
Bu Kris (Jl. Kayoon, in front of Pertamina gas station)
  • · Semanggi
Galaxy Mall 1 foodcourt
  • · Nasi Campur Tambak Bayan
Galaxy Mall 1 foodcourt
  • · Majapahit Dimsum
Hotel Majapahit
  • · Bebek Goreng HT
Jl. Karang Empat
  • · Zangrandi Ice Cream (the oldest ice cream shop in Surabaya)
Jl. Yos Soedarso in front of Bioskop Mitra 21
  • · Kue Rin
Jl. Pucang
  • · Loops (a place like Kemang food fest but much better)
Citraland (in front of Supermall Pakuwon Indah)

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