Friday, July 17, 2009

My Baby Pictures

My condolences go to all the bomb victims at Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot today.

What I was trying to say is why the heck did you have to blast a bomb there? And at times like this? Are you NUTS? Oh I know, I know, you dont have a fucking brain, or maybe you have one, but it was inside your mother-f-ing ass. I hate you, you stupid human being. I swear I am so mad today. There are lots of thing that made me get on my nerves. I lost my faith in humanity.

I just hope that MEW will still have their concert here in Jakarta. If they don't, I will surely curse those people whom blast the bomb today.

Oh, and as I promised yesterday, I will put my pictures here in this post. My baby pictures. Enjoy and dont laugh okay haha. It was my daddy whose very creative and totally being a crazy daddy that drew moustache and made me a baby hitler hihihi ;)

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Uitzinnig said...

waspada turunan Hitler, huahahahaha

Jonih said...

Hitler dengan kumis dibelah tengah.
"Sieg Heil!!!"

Lika Wangke said...

Lucu banget matanya hihihihi

yunda said...

shidaaaaaaaaaaa!! lucu bangettt! hahaha

Cassey said...

Hahahahahaha lucu


taffy : temen lo turunan hitler taff haha

jonih : heil hitler!!!

lika : hihih belo ya? thanks :D


yunda : makasih sayang :D

cassey : thanks pretty :D