Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I know i know there will be loads of pictures in this post. Because pictures tell you everything right? 

So last Sunday, which is July 12th 2009, i went to my cousin's home at Cibubur, because my other cousin, Sandra was having a birthday party. How i missed her sooo much, last time i met her was like 2 years ago :( It's so sad because she and her family live in Sweden. She is now 18 years old, same like me.

Anyways, some of my friends told me that they saw Sandra in a reality show called Makin Gaya in Trans TV and for the answer, i will say YES it was Sandra. When she shopped at Grand Indonesia, these TV people asked her to join the show but since she doesnt understand Bahasa at all, she didnt understand all the thing those TV people said, but finally she accepted the offer, and she joined MAKIN GAYA (i was so curious though, why are the tv people cannot speak in english?????????????).

We saw the show together with our big family and Sandra was like "Oh God Shida can you shoot my head now? It's soooo embarrassing. God i am so shy, can you accompany me to watch it inside my bedroom? Blablabla", why oh why she was shy haha she's uber pretty there in the show. And she also sang a song there, her voice is gorgeous!

Sandra, Reza, Chod, Sisi, Me

Sisi's mom, Sandra's mom, My mom

It's Lilo, wonder why all my family members love CATS


Ordinary Diary said...

Shida.. gw liat tuh acaranya di tv.. suaranya keren bgt yaah! whuaa ternyata sodaramu.. Brarti ada yg married sama bule yah di kerabat lo hehe..


mita : ternyata bnyk jg ya yang liat. that was the first time i saw the show yknow. hahaa. iya dia sih udah artis di swedia, suaranya emg bagus bgt.. my grandma herself is orang belanda, so thats why there are lots of my family member indo2 gitu hehe.

Datyyn! said...

bee gue jatuh cinta sama sodara lo, mau nikah sama bule ah nanti biar anak gue kaya gitu..HAHAHA