Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Is How I Made My Header

Okay to somebody who likes my header (thanks) asked me to tell him/her how to make my header, here are the easy steps :

1. open your Adobe Photoshop, make a new layer and also open a file that you want to use as the background of the words.

2. write the words on the blank layer, and after that, drag and drop the background picture to the 1st layer (the one you've already put words on it). see, the 2nd picture will tell you how it looks like if you drag and drop your pic to the 1st layer.

3. after that, choose Layer on the toolbar. next step, click Create Clipping Mask. the 2nd pic is the result, and i also change the opacity of the background.

See, DONE!! it's so easy, you just have to crop the layer and upload it to your blog. voila!!


ONiC said...

ah makasih turitorialnya, aku lagi nyari ide buat header blog :D
makasih yah!

shida said...

okay onic. thanks for visiting my blog too ya :D good luck for your header!! i'll go get a look if you've finished the header :D

oscar own said...

hhahaa thanks buat yang ini..
gua dulu pake cara jadul.
nge-cut satu2.
liat deh punya gua kea gmana jadinya!! bukan utk header blog sih, iseng aja buatnya (jam 2pagi).


okay i will see your work after this. makasih yaa :D

katya sekarani said...

thanks bgt buat tutorialnya.. lgi nyari ide nih hehe


hehe okay katya :D

A said...

thanks heeps!

Gogo Caroselle said...

so smaaaart
thank you!