Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Facebook Rules The World

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i am just so amazed how internet (ok especially facebook, im going to talk bout this site) really rules the world these days. i skipped advertising media planning class last tuesday, and got no idea if there is an assignment to do. my friend texted me and asked me if i have already done the assignment or not and i was like "what assignment???" and she only replied "just check out your notes in facebook, you are being tagged". i was being tagged by my class mate, and the note consists of 5 (uber hard) questions.

haha i was just trying to remember how we used to did homeworks on paper, brought books to class, searched for the page, open and re open the books.. and now technology rules the world, i only need 3 minutes to turn on my pc and open my FB notes, and voila! "oooh.. so this is the assignment for tuesday", and i am not shocked that lots of the comments under the notes said :

"thanks for tagging" >>> omg sounds like so happy being tagged on the fuckin assignment note haha
"ahhh please someone if you have the answers, write it down here and tag meee"
"omg can we just skip the assignments?"
"please give me the answerssss"
"where the heck is the answers?!"

but still, i need hours to do the assignment. GRRRRR.. back to work guys! (believe me i wont do the assignment til midnight. craving for facebook, fashion websites, blogs, and stuffs)


allan pringadi said...

hahaha, social networking sites really made us speak soooo effin' loud, and the bad thing is that we're never really know when it's time to shut our mouth up.

eh iya, ini cabe ya?


hahah you are right. iya allan ini gueee

sleepyheaded nindya said...

ahh.. keren juga.. lama2 ntar guru dan dosen kalo ngasih tugas lewat note fb juga.. hehehe :D


dosen aku emang kalo ngasih tugas lewat facebook nindya. gila ya? hahahahaha

Resatio Adi Putra said...

hahah emang gini be, kehidupan modern mah, gimana lagi :p

JakCER!'s said...

fesbuk merajalela yaa

*tresdivine* said...

facebooking does takes over one or two hours of my free time. i could've get an extra hour of sleep, but no... i dived in and just played fb for no consequential reason. hahaha



tio : iya yah rusuh banget deh, tapi kadang ribet juga kalo uadh ngirim email tapi ternyata ga sampe disana bwek. kampung nya keluar hahaha


jakcer : yess it really rules the world


joe : hahaha you're right joe.